Managing Complexity – Adaptive Control Armrest

In the three-year joint project aISA – adaptive Interface Systems in Agricultural Tractors, the University of Stuttgart, the University of Hohenheim and Elobau GmbH developed, constructed and tested a functional prototype of an operating armrest that adapts to a wide range of tractor operating scenarios and implements. The test was carried out by installing it in a tractor from Same Deutz-Fahr and performing various field tests with different implements and drivers.

Zeitschrift: ATZheavy duty worldwide
Publisher: Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden
Published: 2/2020
ISSN: 2524-8774

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The development of an adaptive HMI - from the idea to the prototype Abstract.

The continuing trend of increasing functional diversity in control sys-tems poses a great challenge for the development of human-machine interac-tions. Adaptive control systems or adaptive interface systems, short aIS, can be a solution to this challenge. The development of such an interface system comes out of a project called aISA which stands for adaptive interface systems in agri-cultural tractors. The example of application is the tractor which is used for a multitude of work scenarios with appropriate implements. This contribution contains the approach of the development of the adaptive armrest. The sections are the introduction, analysis, method, tool usage, results and conclusion. The most important sections in this contribution are the method and the tool usage. The goal of the paper is a good insight on how the aIS is developed and what the important tools are to achieve the results.

Conference: AHFE 2019
Publisher: Springer, Cham
Print ISBN 978-3-030-19134-4
Online ISBN 978-3-030-19135-1

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